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In 2003, she started her undergraduate education in Marmara University Technical Education Faculty Machinery Education Department. Until 2010, she worked part time at the CNC education laboratory of the same faculty where she did summer internship in 2005. During this period, she started to get master’s degree. She completed her master’s degree in 2007. In 2008, she was accepted to master’s degree program in the Machinery Department of the same faculty. She carried out her education life and her career which she maintained in laboratory in cooperation until 2010. She got a start in business life with a company which serves on Production and Revision of Aluminium Extrusion Press Equipment in 2010. After working as Production Supervisor, Production Manager and Company Manager for the company with which she started her business life, she left the company in 2012. In 2012, she established BALEKS ENGINEERING thereby interconnecting her Academic and industry-specific experiences. Established with the passion of production and profession, BALEKSis the achievement of devoted working, determination, stability, trust, solution oriented, understanding of customer satisfaction and quality. BALEKS has adopted the principle of “PERMANENT SUPPORT” on quality and service. BALEKS succeeded to take place among the leading companies of the industry in a short span of time through its “PERMANENT SUPPORT” and “CUSTOMER ORIENTED” approach. In this road which we took with passion, we became voluntary to “PERMANENTLY BE SUPPORTIVE UNDER ALL CIRCUMSTANCES” to our fellows with our Young, Nimble and Dynamic build. We became the solution partner of leading Brass and Aluminium Extrusion companies of the industry. Major Topics we are specialized on with regard to Brass and Aluminium Extrusion Production Lines Production of Press Spare Parts Revision and Maintenance on Press Equipment Application, Maintenance and Revision of Heating Systems System Development /Improvement Press Technical Service Our Vision To become worldwide best with regard to Brass and Aluminium Extrusion Press systems Our Mission To constantly and prominently increase the value that we add to our customers, employees and society with our effectiveness, agility and experience OUR ESSENTIAL VALUES The strategies that we are going to follow in order to realize the Vision and Mission are the values that all of our employees will follow and internalize. Our Customers Are the focus of our activities and efforts. We always aim to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations. We always approach honestly, respectfully, kindly, helpfully and solution oriented. People are the most important factor for us. What we care the most is human brain and we always invest on people. The strength and assurance of our quality is our employees. Each one of our employees aims the quality. We believe in “eagerness” energy that makes them creative and productive. We believe that every person working with us is “the leader of his/her own job” and he/she knows best what he/she is doing. Permanent Improvement We know that quality is not stable. Instead of keeping the quality with strict rules, we sustain it through permanent improvement. To invest on out employees and technology in order to improve permanently is an inseparable part of our policy. Our fundamental duty is to provide out quality standards and permanently improve the quality of our products and services. We make an effort to determine and eliminate the needs and expectations of our customers before they mention them. Our social responsibilities We make maximum effort to be beneficial to the society, natural environment and people.



“Akşemseddin Mah., 215. Sokak, No: 5-7, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Turkey”

Authorized person



“+90 212 671 69 17”

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